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Notification feed in the web version, new features in Tentaculo, updates to the Plan tool
New Plan
Custom user properties, task thumbnails, Tentaculo: filters and 3DEqualizer, web: new file viewer
Sony Vegas Pro and TB Storyboard Pro in Tentaculo, Cerebro Beta Qt6, Visual Web Update
Adobe Substance Painter in Tentaculo, Mirada, Referral Program
Update to the web version, chat settings, important PyQt API changes
Tentaculo: Support for Git, Unreal Engine, Clarisse iFX
Numeric tags, Planning update, Mirada, and Tentaculo
External chats settings for integration with messengers, bug fixes
New Formats in Mirada, Simplified Interface Customization, Tentaculo Updates
My Space On Web, Mirada Playlist, Bug Fixes
Integration with Discord — Cerebro Aqui-y-alla
Integration with Telegram — Cerebro Aqui-y-alla
Gantt Chart statuses, custom panels, sketch comments
2022.06.17 — Multiselection of tasks on web, working without any local version in Tentaculo, working with RGB channels in Mirada
2022.04.13 — Checklists, Hashtag Cloud, Personal Notes, Fusion Studio, JS Processors
2022.02.15 — Cerebro Updates: New Interface for Task properties, Plugin System Update, Python 3.7.7
2021.12.12 — Cerebro Updates: Mirada, Desktop, Tentaculo, Web
2021.11.26 — Mobile Version Update
2021.11.03 — Gantt Chart Upgrade, Permissions for Plugins, Bug fixes
2021.09.26 — My Space, Сolumns with references and links
2021.09.02 — Freelance accounts, My Space Updates, Latest Versions
2021.09.02 — Get freelancers in Cerebro
2021.08.13 — My Space Updates
2021.06.24 — Web Version, My Space, Tentaculo: Important Updates
2021.06.02 — New Release: Mirada color overlay comparison and export of video comments
2021.04.29 — Universal links to tasks and messages in Cerebro
2021.04.08 — Cerebro Release: Mirada Color Spaces, Text Editor Upgrade
2021.03.22 — Universal messaging format for the desktop and web version
2021.02.26 — Cerebro Release: New Desktop Tab, Web & Tentaculo Updates
2020.12.29 — Cerebro Start — Free Version and Cerebro Account redesign
2020.11.27 — Introducing Cerebro Web Update
2020.09.07 — New Release: Web, Mobile & Desktop Updates
2020.08.14 — New Release: Mirada Por Parte
2020.05.22 — Work via FTP and VPN and integration with storage services compatible with S3 API, including Amazon S3, Yandex.Cloud, Google Cloud Storage, etc.
2020.03.04 — New Release: Playing video files for comparison, Сonnection to all your servers and more
2019.12.20 — Grouping by periods in Сharts, links on the Task Board, and more
2019.10.25 — Deadline Charts, Project Templates, and more
2019.09.10 — New release: multi-highlighting in Task tracking and Scissors
2019.08.06 — New Release: Functionality Upgrade for Task Tracking and Charts
2019.04.29 — New release: task templates, moving painting and more
2018.12.24 — New release: task board, sequences, comments
2018.09.10 — New Release: Cerebro "De Cerca"
2018-05-07 360 Panoramic annotations, YUV support and more...
2018-02-27 Adding images to messages, stereo view, and other features
2018-02-04 Video and image 360 support and other features
2017.12.22 - New Mirada and other features
2016.06.30 - Likes, Rating, Archived tasks and other
2016.12.23 - Support for PDF, support for more video codecs and another updates
2016.10.06 - Show reports in the Plan, Filter by multiple projects
2016.03.16 - New Gantt Chart, Users Planning, Lines in Mirada
2015.10.14 - New notifications system, new ffmpeg and other
2014.08.20 - Hashtags, Free Mirada Pro, Onion Skin and two new language
2014.02.25 - Task references, search in the address bar, spell checkers, favorites and other
Oct. 15, 2013. Added French and Chinese ​​+ SSL and ActiveDirectory support
Update 2013.08.02 - User Traking + API for Status + Bug Fixes
Update 2013.07.16 - Bug Fixes + Task Filter
Update 2013.05.23 - Task Statuses, Tasks Order and other
Short downtime Sunday, April 7 from 09:30am to 12:00pm (GMT)
Update 2012.11.29 - Task Tracking, New Filters and Updated Documentation
2012.09.13 - Two-Way Communication With E-Mail Users, Excel-Like Inline Editing And New Statistics Features
Update 2012.05.03 - Python API + Mirada with FFmpeg
Update 2011.12.26 - New Visibility Policy and other stuff
New CEREBRO: Mirada Pro, Setup Wizard and User Avatars.
Mirada Pro Beta Testing Is Opened!
Update 2011.09.22 - Advanced Access Rights
Update 2011.04.08 - Material Resource Usage Reports + Advanced Copying Feature
Update 2011.03.03 - Updated Forum
Update 2011.02.11 - User Accounts Administration