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External chats settings for integration with messengers, bug fixes
My Space On Web, Mirada Playlist, Bug Fixes
Numeric tags, Planning update, Mirada, and Tentaculo
Integration with Discord — Cerebro Aqui-y-alla
Tentaculo: Support for Git, Unreal Engine, Clarisse iFX
Integration with Telegram — Cerebro Aqui-y-alla
New Formats in Mirada, Simplified Interface Customization, Tentaculo Updates
2022.04.13 — Checklists, Hashtag Cloud, Personal Notes, Fusion Studio, JS Processors
Gantt Chart statuses, custom panels, sketch comments
2022.06.17 — Multiselection of tasks on web, working without any local version in Tentaculo, working with RGB channels in Mirada
2022.02.15 — Cerebro Updates: New Interface for Task properties, Plugin System Update, Python 3.7.7
2021.12.12 — Cerebro Updates: Mirada, Desktop, Tentaculo, Web
2021.11.26 — Mobile Version Update
2021.11.03 — Gantt Chart Upgrade, Permissions for Plugins, Bug fixes
2021.09.26 — My Space, Сolumns with references and links
2021.09.02 — Freelance accounts, My Space Updates, Latest Versions
2021.09.02 — Get freelancers in Cerebro
2021.08.13 — My Space Updates
2021.06.24 — Web Version, My Space, Tentaculo: Important Updates
2021.06.02 — New Release: Mirada color overlay comparison and export of video comments
2021.04.29 — Universal links to tasks and messages in Cerebro
2021.04.08 — Cerebro Release: Mirada Color Spaces, Text Editor Upgrade
2021.03.22 — Universal messaging format for the desktop and web version
2021.02.26 — Cerebro Release: New Desktop Tab, Web & Tentaculo Updates
2020.12.29 — Cerebro Start — Free Version and Cerebro Account redesign
2020.11.27 — Introducing Cerebro Web Update
2020.09.07 — New Release: Web, Mobile & Desktop Updates
2020.08.14 — New Release: Mirada Por Parte
2020.05.22 — Work via FTP and VPN and integration with storage services compatible with S3 API, including Amazon S3, Yandex.Cloud, Google Cloud Storage, etc.
2020.03.04 — New Release: Playing video files for comparison, Сonnection to all your servers and more
2019.12.20 — Grouping by periods in Сharts, links on the Task Board, and more
2019.10.25 — Deadline Charts, Project Templates, and more
2019.09.10 — New release: multi-highlighting in Task tracking and Scissors
2019.08.06 — New Release: Functionality Upgrade for Task Tracking and Charts
2019.04.29 — New release: task templates, moving painting and more
2018.12.24 — New release: task board, sequences, comments
2018.09.10 — New Release: Cerebro "De Cerca"
2018-05-07 360 Panoramic annotations, YUV support and more...
2018-02-27 Adding images to messages, stereo view, and other features
2018-02-04 Video and image 360 support and other features
2017.12.22 - New Mirada and other features
2016.06.30 - Likes, Rating, Archived tasks and other
2016.12.23 - Support for PDF, support for more video codecs and another updates
2016.10.06 - Show reports in the Plan, Filter by multiple projects
2016.03.16 - New Gantt Chart, Users Planning, Lines in Mirada
2015.10.14 - New notifications system, new ffmpeg and other
2014.08.20 - Hashtags, Free Mirada Pro, Onion Skin and two new language
2014.02.25 - Task references, search in the address bar, spell checkers, favorites and other
Oct. 15, 2013. Added French and Chinese ​​+ SSL and ActiveDirectory support
Update 2013.08.02 - User Traking + API for Status + Bug Fixes
Update 2013.07.16 - Bug Fixes + Task Filter
Update 2013.05.23 - Task Statuses, Tasks Order and other
Short downtime Sunday, April 7 from 09:30am to 12:00pm (GMT)
Update 2012.11.29 - Task Tracking, New Filters and Updated Documentation
2012.09.13 - Two-Way Communication With E-Mail Users, Excel-Like Inline Editing And New Statistics Features
Update 2012.05.03 - Python API + Mirada with FFmpeg
Update 2011.12.26 - New Visibility Policy and other stuff
New CEREBRO: Mirada Pro, Setup Wizard and User Avatars.
Mirada Pro Beta Testing Is Opened!
Update 2011.09.22 - Advanced Access Rights
Update 2011.04.08 - Material Resource Usage Reports + Advanced Copying Feature
Update 2011.03.03 - Updated Forum
Update 2011.02.11 - User Accounts Administration