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2017.12.22 - New Mirada and other features
2017.12.22 - New Mirada and other features
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Release Date: Dec 22, 2017

For everyone

  • New Cerebro Client for Windows, Mac Os X and Linux Operation operating systems.

For Factory users:

  • Database structure updated

For Studio users:

  • Cargador component updated


– New interface

– Distinct comments

The new version of Mirada creates specific comments, and every comment's author is displayed. Comments are viewed consecutively, and they may contain text, tag, sketch, length or an audiovisual track.

– Comments may be replied to in Mirada.

– Possibility to set task status from Mirada

– Unified timeline
All playlist files are displayed in one scalable timeline.

– Export of comments in pdf format
Possibility to export comments in pdf format in order to send elsewhere.

– Possibility to compare videos, images and pdf files in three modes
Media files can be compared using three modes: horizontal, vertical, "wipe".

In Cerebro, select the files you want to compare in the attachments panel or search and click the "Compare selected files" button.

Furthermore, there is a possibility to compare different shots from the same video using comparison marker, in three modes as well. Quick switch between the marker and the current shot is provided.

– Possibility to enable cache on video.

– Possibility to put on a loop either a video fragment or several playlist files.

– Хвосты
Можно отключить несколько кадров вначале и в конце видео файла. В этом случаи они будут пропущены при проигрывании. Хвосты можно поставить как на весь плейлист, так и на конкретные файлы.

– Установка собственных горячих клавиш.

– And other features. See our tutorials.


– Possibility to view forum on subtasks

There is a possibility to view threads immediately, without entering each task separately.

– Possibility to view forums related to the current task

– Copying multiple http-links to files at once

– Fixed bugs.

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