Release Date — 08/04/2021
For everyone

  • New Cerebro Client for Windows, Mac Os X and Linux Operation operating systems.

  • New Tentaculo funcionality

Download Cerebro client

Mirada Color Spaces*

  • Linear color space transformation to rec. 709, DCI-P3, BT.2020.

  • ACES parameterized non-linear transformation with selectable tone curve.

  • Reinhard color transformation.

  • Ability to control EOTF in sRGB, gamma, raw and PQ modes.

*For now available for Windows and Linux OS

Text Editor Upgrade

We've fixed the bugs that were noticed and added a few new features:

  • Insert images from clipboard to message body

  • Insert quotes

  • Insert code

  • Spelling check

  • Sync the message text size with the forum text size


We’ve added drag`n`drop files and folders in the publish box.

Other updates and fixes

Windows 7 support is back 🤪

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