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Update 2011.04.08 - Material Resource Usage Reports + Advanced Copying Feature
Update 2011.04.08 - Material Resource Usage Reports + Advanced Copying Feature
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Release Date: April 08, 2011

Versions: all

  • A new Cerebro Astro desktop client for MS Windows, MacOS X, Linux

Versions: Business, Corporate

Versions: Studio, Business, Corporate

  • Sirena component upgraded

  • Cargador component upgraded

Cerebro New Features

Performance Improved

Cerebro speed is drastically increased while:

  • tasks browsing,

  • task properties editing, esp. while multi-task editing

  • task copying, duplicating and multi-task creation by files drag-n-drop into Navigator.

  • messages posting

  • and all the rest functions work much faster now!

Material Resource Usage Reports

A new feature developed - material resource usage reporting.

Declared material resource usage is approved the same way as man hours are - by Review or from the context menu.

Material resource usage hours are calculated separately and independently from users' man hours.

Material resource usage time can be rated (Administrator -> Salary) and included in stats reports.

Advanced Copying Features

First, a copied (duplicated) task preserves all the links between its sub-tasks.

Second, now a copied task can be pasted in two different ways: ordinary Paste (Ctrl+v) and Special Paste (Ctrl+Shift+v).

Ordinary Paste pastes:

  • tasks (without attached files)

  • sub-tasks

  • links between sub-tasks

  • tags

  • assigned human and material resources

Special Paste calls a dialog window where you can choose additional content to paste.


New Task Linking Mode

Now tasks can be linked in Navigator panel. Two new menu items added: "Select task(s) to link" (Ctrl+k) and "Link selected tasks" (Ctrl+l).

Task lists can be extended by 2 columns displaying the number of predecessing and succeding tasks.

Predecessing tasks column also indicates the number of completed tasks.

The Linked Tasks list in the Task Properties panel is extended by several columns as well.


New features are added to Additional tab in the Settings menu:

  • Tasks can be sorted by sub-tasks containing

  • Preferred message type selection

  • Date format selection


Help main menu is extended.

Bugs Fixed

Several minor bugs fixed.

Coming Soon

  • Entire project copying option

  • Project presets

  • New project and new user creation wizards

  • Customizable permissions roles

  • Access permissions for tasks setup in Navigator

  • New Gannt chart appearance in a separate window

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