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2016.03.16 - New Gantt Chart, Users Planning, Lines in Mirada
2016.03.16 - New Gantt Chart, Users Planning, Lines in Mirada
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Release Date: Mar 16, 2016

For everyone

  • New Cerebro Cerebro Serpens Client for Windows, Mac Os X and Linux Operation operating systems.

For Factory users:

  • Database structure updated

For Studio users:

  • Cargador component updated

In this release we concentrated on an improvement of our planning tools. We call it Cerebro exacto.

Couple of words about our new style of a main screen*

Basic panels are switched using a tabulator on the left. On the right there are buttons which open/hide a Forum, Task Properties and Assignments. The main panels may detach from the main screen by dragging a tabulator button.

* If a new interface does not suit you, you can switch back to the old one by clicking the option in the Main Menu:View -> Go back to the old style

Gantt Chart

We have a new Gannnt Chart in Cerebro

Task tree is displayed on the left side of a panel, awhile its graphic representation is on the left side .The graphic part shows the duration and relative positions of tasks on a timeline as well as their connections

In the graphic region you can arrange and assign tasks. You can also perform the same operations as on the Navigator panel i.e create, move, delete, copy tasks, etc..

In the diagram, you can also filter and highlight tasks.


A panel of links is an additional window, where you can check your links in graphics.

You can change the time of assignments and delete ones you don't need using the Assignments panel.

Planning Tool

Planning tool allows you to arrange your tasks on a timeline.

The planning tool now indicates when new users are added.

To move any user's task for a specified time, there is a panel displaying all tasks assigned to the user.

When you've chosen a task, you can drag and drop it or move it using the M hot key to a certain period. To go to the selected task, just double click it.


Calendar is an additional way to view user's tasks in graphics.

Yo can also create your tasks on the calendar.


Mirada has finally learnt how to draw straight lines, ellipsis, and rectangles, with vector editing enabled.

We have also added extra speed to work with h264 codecs and enabled working with DVCAM codecs.

And more

Task tracking

We added general statistics by status types “in progress / pending / done / finished”

Remained hours

We added a the Remained column, where the remaining time planned for the task is displayed.


- Repeated notifications on already read emails

- No file loading displayed

- Error in the search for attachments

Known issues

- Currently we have an issue with the resolution of all graphic elements on Windows OS with a high DPI of the monitor, as well as incorrect displaying of it by Mirada.

- Some Mirada bugs with pointer on mac os x

This issues will be fixed in two weeks.

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