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2021.09.02 — Freelance accounts, My Space Updates, Latest Versions
2021.09.02 — Freelance accounts, My Space Updates, Latest Versions
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  • New Cerebro Client for Windows, Mac Os X and Linux Operation operating systems.

Freelance accounts

We have created freelance accounts that contractors can use to work on tasks in the required projects. Payment is determined only by active days: if a user reads or posts messages, changes statuses and properties during a 24-hour period, the day is counted as active. Number of users is unlimited.

Due to these changes, we've updated Add User window.

My Space

'My Space' tab now offers quick filtering by task branches. So, for example, by setting the tab to display all new posts for an entire episode, you can quickly switch between individual scenes of that episode.

Latest Versions

We've added a quick filter for the list of task attachments, — 'Latest Versions'. Using it, you will always see only the current versions of file reviews in Mirada. Disable the filter if you want to see the entire review history.

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