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Update 2013.08.02 - User Traking + API for Status + Bug Fixes
Update 2013.08.02 - User Traking + API for Status + Bug Fixes
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Release Date: 02/08/2013

For everyone

  • New Cerebro Cerebro Serpens Client for Windows, Mac Os X and Linux Operation operating systems.

Version: Factory

  • Database structure updated

Version: Studio

  • Cargador component updated

User Tracking

A new view (tab) is developed - "User Tracking".

It enables a bird's eye overview to determine whether or not your colleagues are working, and if they are, on what tasks they are now working exactly.

In the top line you can filter users belonging to a particular group or type of activity, and also to select the task status.

At the bottom table the users and the tasks they are working on will be displayed. By default, names and user avatars, names and icons of tasks, as well as the current status and progress are displayed in the table. Task settings view can be configured in a convenient way, turning the column tables on and off (by right-clicking on the column header).

But most importantly - and this is something for which this representation was created – it is the «Switching Time» column.

It shows the date and time when the user changed the status of the task (in other words, "took to work," or vice versa "completed and waiting for comments "). If a cross is displayed in this column, it means the user is currently free.

But it should be clarified that "free" does not necessarily mean that the user has "nothing to do". It only means that he so far never switched the status of any task, which he was assigned to as the performer. Basically, he never reported anything or did not take anything to work. How to interpret this situation is up to you.

Apart from the obvious scope of this tab - data collection on the staff actions - it can be used as a quick filter.

For example, after having selected the status on the top line, which says "work done, waiting for comments" (in our example - «Pending Review»), we will immediately see whose works require supervisor comments, and how long they are in this status:


If the file transfer service CARGADOR is installed locally on the file server of your company (this is true for almost all tariffs, except «Home»), we strongly recommend your system administrators to update the service.

The new version of CARGADOR provides a far more stable file transferring process than all previous versions.

API Changes

Added API for statuses and tags.

Client API changes


events module

class Event:



class BeforeEventMessage:

+ new_task_status()

+ set_new_task_status()


aclasses module

+ class Statuses


class AbstractMessage:


class Activities:



class Task:


+ status()

+ set_status()

+ possible_statuses(self)


core module

+ statuses()

Server API changes

database module

class Database:

+ project_tags()

+ statuses()

+ tag_enums()

+ task_possible_statuses()

+ task_set_status()

+ task_set_tag_enum()

+ task_set_tag_float()

+ task_set_tag_int()

+ task_set_tag_string()

+ task_tag_enums()

+ task_tag_reset()

+ task_tags()

Check out the whitepapers on these updates on, in Cerebro API Documentation section.


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