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Cerebro (Client Module)
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Client module allows you to engage in project activities: manage projects and tasks, add users and configure their rights, plan and distribute the budget, and maintain messages.

When launching the program, users are taken to the main window, where the tools for navigating tasks, viewing and writing forum posts, and searching for information are located.

At the top of the window is the Main Toolbar, which includes the task address bar. In it you can see the path to the task, as well as tools for indicating tasks, navigation, updating. A special place among them is occupied by the Event indication button («lamp»), which displays the number of new events (unviewed messages) in the system and allows you to quickly go to viewing them.

Below is the Task Tools panel, which you can use to work on tasks. It contains tools for creating, copying, duplicating and deleting tasks.

On the left side is the sidebar of the main window, which includes the following tabs:

Show tab names — allows you to display the name of each bookmark;

Inbox — a list of tasks that the user is monitoring;

To do list — the list of assigned tasks;

Navigator — a list of visible projects and tasks;

User Tracking is a tool for tracking user workload;

My space is dashboards on projects;

Gantt — a graphical representation of the duration, mutual arrangement of tasks on the timeline and the links between them;

Plan — displays a plan of tasks by employees, control workload and track labor costs;

Calendar is a tool for planning short-term tasks;

Search — search for tasks, message, attached files;

Task board is a form of visual project management, an analogue of a kanban board.

In the right part of the window there are tabs related to the task:

Forum — where the chat messages on the task is keeping;

Properties — to define task parameters;

Links — for displaying project and task links.

In the View menu tab, you can add or remove any main window panel.

You can find more detailed information about the client module in the «Cerebro Desktop - Basic Tools» section, and brief instructions on working with the system tools in the «Storyboards» section.

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