The list of assigned tasks for the current user is also shown in the main window of Cerebro (by default this tab in the left side of the window, next to Inbox list). It is very similar to the list of interesting tasks, with a few differences.

This list contains all of the tasks in which the user is assigned as an executive. In contrast to the Inbox list items can’t be deleted due to expiration date.

The toolbar is similar to the navigator panel, but has a special button to view tasks assigned to a certain user:

The following items are located on the toolbar for this list (from left to right):

  • Assignedto me – it allows you to filter the list with all users you know by group and type of activity and then, after selecting the right person, to see their list of tasks.

  • Copy iCal URL to all tasks – the button to generate an iCal URL that allows you to add your tasks to your personal calendar (for example, Google Calendar).

  • Folder tree – the button is similar to the same button in the Inbox list.

All the other buttons are similar to Navigator’s buttons (“Navigator”).

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