Plan tab is for displaying the task schedule of the employees, monitoring workload, and tracking labor costs. 

The workspace is divided into two windows:

  • Employee list all registered users of the system.

  • User employment schedule.

Drag the slider which is located in between the windows to change their width.
The toolbar is above the workspace and is also divided into two parts. Each window has its own set of items.

A list of employees

The list of employees is presented in tabular form. The list of displayed columns can be changed by right-clicking on the table heading or using the toolbar buttons (see the Navigator section).

If there are tasks assigned to the user in the selected time interval on the calendar, then an additional list, where by each line corresponds to a task, is shown in the table under his name. The Name column displays the name of the task. The cell background color of those additional rows is determined by the value of the Activities of the corresponding task.

Calendar schedule

The calendar displays tasks and reports in the form of horizontal bars on the timeline.
The duration of tasks is determined by the «Start» or «End» parameters specified in the Task Properties. Dates can be adjusted on the chart by dragging tasks or their boundaries on the timeline. When you hover over a task, brief info and data on labor costs are displayed. View detailed information on the task by using the Forum, Properties, and Links tabs located to the right of the workspace.
Task reports are located next to the username and are displayed on the calendar with a narrow band. The duration of task execution corresponds to the labor costs that were declared by the contractor.

The appearance of tasks can be changed using the toolbar located above the calendar schedule, which contains the following items:

  • Cancel button to cancel the user's task input and return to the previous state;

  • filter of displayed tasks by user group and activity;

  • Backlight user load button a color indication of the workload of employees:

    • blue there are no assigned tasks;

    • green one assigned task;

    • red more than one task is assigned in a single time period.

  • Show reports button to display the written task reports;

  • fields that specify the interval displayed on the timeline;

  • calendar scaling buttons;

  • button for selecting the work schedule displayed on the calendar schedule;

  • buttons for exporting the contents of the calendar schedule (in whole or in part) to a PDF file;

  • Settings button to select the configuration of work objects.

Visual presentation settings

When you right-click on the calendar plan, a drop-down menu is displayed that allows you to adjust the scale of the display of tasks and fix the deadlines. For tasks scheduled for a single period of time, a To schedule tasks by order button is provided for quick adjustment of the sequence of execution.

Also, the following convenient options are provided for setting the visual representation of the calendar plan:

  • drag with the middle mouse button pressed;

  • Shift + mouse wheel horizontal scaling;

  • Ctrl + mouse wheel vertical scaling.

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