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User Tracking
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The User Tracking tab was introduced to Cerebro recently. It enables a bird’s eye overview to determine whether your colleagues are busy, and, if they are, on which tasks they are working at the moment.

On the top line, you can filter users belonging to a particular group or type of activity. You can also select the corresponding task status.

Users and tasks they work on will be displayed at the lower table. By default, table has names and user avatars, names and icons of tasks, as well as the current status and progress. Task settings view can be configured in a convenient way by enabling and disabling columns (by right-clicking on the column header).

Column Switching Time shows date and time when the user has changed the status of the task (for example, ‘in progress’) or, on the contrary, ‘pending review’). If there is a small cross in the given column, it means that at the moment the chosen user hasn't taken on a single trackable task.

Apart from the obvious way this task is used - gathering data on employee actions - it can be used as a quick filter.
For example, after selection a status on the top line that says ‘work is done, waiting for comments’ (in our example - Pending Review), we will immediately see whose works require supervisor comments and how long they are in this status.

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