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In the upper part of the Cerebro main window, there is the Main Toolbar. It allows you to see the path to the task and work with its tools for task indication, navigation, and updating.

The panel contains the following buttons (from left to right):

  • The Mark Critical Tasks button highlights in red those tasks which exceeded limits of important indicators (time, money);

  • The Event Indication button ("lightbulb") shows the number of new events (unread messages) in the system. You can quickly switch to viewing them by clicking this button;

  • The Task Manager button is a tool for managing the project structure, performing various operations on tasks, messages, and attachments;

  • The Refresh button updates the contents of Cerebro windows;

  • The Back, Forward, and Task Address Bar Entry Field buttons helps to navigate through tasks;

  • Cargador Service Indicator button displays the current state of the Cargador file manager service through icons, and when clicked, it opens the Cargador service control window.

The main toolbar is fixed. The additional toolbars are movable and can be hidden/displayed through the main menu as well as moved or positioned vertically in the side part of the window.

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