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A Сhecklist is a list of items to be done. After completing each item, mark it as finished. This will help you easily track the amount of work done. Your checklist can contain an unlimited number of items, it can be copied to any tasks.

You can work with checklists in the Task Properties. Select the desired project and task, then click on it. On the right side, a menu with a checklist will be displayed. Click Edit, and in the input field add the name of the item for the checklist, then press enter. Add all the items you need in the same way.

Created checklists can be copied to another task or to several tasks at once. To do this, in the checklist editing window, select Copy checklist to clipboard, then select one or more tasks to which you want to add checklists, and click Paste checklist from clipboard.

If you copy tasks with checklists, the copied task will display the checklist with disabled checkboxes by default. If you need to copy tasks with checklists with selected items, or exclude items from copying, use Special Paste.

Checklists in My Space

Checklist items can be displayed as columns in My Space. Click Edit columns and in the list that appears, select the items of your checklists to display. Here you can see the selected checklist items, mark their completion and evaluate the stages of task completion.

Search and selection by checklists

You can use checklists to search for tasks. Checklists and their items can be used in My Space as Selection criteria to create task selections.

In Search, you can add Task checklists as a search criterion.

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