Access To The Storage Servers And Cloud File Storages
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Tentaculo plugin allows you to configure access to your work files depending on their location.

We support work both with server and cloud storages.

It is worth mentioning our storage Cargador that provides access to files remotely and on the network.

Storage server

Access is possible in two ways:

  • internal — using a local or VPN network. The server is accessed through standard tools of the operating system or via connection service (in case of VPN). Tentaculo uses this connection without saving any user data.

  • external — using FTP if the server has the necessary means of access.
    By using FTP it is possible to set up a shared account for all users at once but this approach is not secure.
    We advise creating a separate profile for each user so that changing, removing, and banning logins would be possible at any time, as well as keeping a log of the actions of each user.
    In case the FTP access of the user profile is not defined in the configuration settings, the user is asked to type in the FTP login and password the first time the user attempts to receive or send a file.

Cloud storage

Tentaculo supports cloud storages that support S3 compatible API, such as:

  • Amazon S3;

  • Google Cloud Storage;

  • Yandex Object Storage), etc.

The user gains access to the cloud storage by using an HMAC key. This key needs to be tentatively created through cloud storage tools and sent to the user.


We do not store or distribute keys of external services because we believe it is not secure.
​If your security policy allows distributing access keys through third-party systems, please contact our support service, and we will make an expansion that allows storing the key for a user in Cerebro.


Git — working with files takes place in the Git version control system.

Storage Cargador

Cargador is standard storage for Cerebro and provides access to files that have been sent via our application by default.

You should use Tentaculo for Cargador only if you are integrating working programs in your universe or you need to make a file naming convention.

The access of the user to Cargador depends on the user account in Cerebro, so additional accounts are not required.

Connection of the file storage

It is necessary to install Tentaculo plugin and set the configuration to connect any of these storages.

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