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Cargador is a service responsible for delivery of files in the Cerebro system.

All information on tasks, messages, links, etc. is stored in a centralized database, and project files are stored in a decentralized way and can be downloaded as needed from outside sources.

These sources can be your local network if you’re out of the office, your partners’ LAN, if you are working on the same project, etc.

Cargador handles all operations with files in Cerebro.

Server with installed Cargador on it gives you following benefits:

  • No restrictions on storage space in Cerebro;

  • All of your files are within your local network, local users work with a single file storage. You save space, time and traffic;

  • Service provides a single place to download/upload files that can be managed centrally;

  • You can configure Cargador service to automatically (e.g. at night), download new files from the storage of your partners if needed;

  • The process of downloading/uploading files from your storage by external users is completely transparent.

All these tasks are done by having Cargador work 24/7 on a server. If you can’t (or aren’t planning to) set up a 24/7 service which will run on your server, you can solve storage problems an “old-fashioned” way by using storage services provided by Cerebro. Despite the fact that you won’t be able to use aforementioned advantages, we take the responsibilities to maintain our service 24/7 and back up your data.

More information on Cargador service can be found in the “Cargador Service

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