File Naming Convention
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Tentaculo plugin makes it possible to customize naming rules for files uploaded by users with regard to the task structure in Cerebro. Files added to Cerebro as new versions will be routed to the correct folders with the correct names, regardless of the name of the original file.

It is necessary to install Tentaculo plugin and set the configuration to activate the naming convention, Tentaculo plugin has to be installed and configured. Once it is configured users of your universe will be able to send files as new versions.


The naming convention applies only to files added to Cerebro as new versions, i.e., main working files, versions of which need to be stored in the appropriate folders with specific names, should be uploaded as New Versions while auxiliary files (for instance, screenshots, etc.), the path to which is not required in the main file structure, may be uploaded as attachments.

Files added as attachments and links to network resources are not covered by the naming convention.

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