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I Don’t Want to Receive Email Notifications
I Don’t Want to Receive Email Notifications
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There are three types of email notifications from Cerebro:

  1. Informational;

  2. System;

  3. License.

Depending on the notification type, there are several ways to unsubscribe from them:

Informational notifications are about our news, events and other information.

Every informational email has an ‘Unsubscribe’ link at the bottom. By clicking it, you'll remove your email from our mail list and you'll no longer receive informational messages from us.

System notifications contain information about new events in tasks a user is subscribed to, such as new tasks, messages, status changes, etc.

  • If you don't want to receive notifications regarding a certain task, you can unsubscribe from them in the Cerebro client. Right-click on the task, context menu option ‘Unsubscribe’.

  • If you want to receive only certain types of notifications or don't want to receive them by email at all. Main menu — ‘Cerebro’ — ‘My profile’... In the ‘My profile’ window, click ‘Notification settings...’. In the notification settings screen, you can toggle the notification types that you need on and off for email messages and the Cerebro app notifications.

License notifications can be managed by contacting our Support: Send us your Universe name and your email. We will remove your account from the license management account and you will stop receiving license notifications.

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