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Can’t Download a File Using the Cerebro Client or Upload a File to Cerebro
Can’t Download a File Using the Cerebro Client or Upload a File to Cerebro
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By default, Cerebro works with the file storage using TCP ports 45431, 4080 and 45430. You'll need to make sure that your network has these ports open. To do so, test your connection settings.

Main menu > Tools > Administrator....

File storage tab.

From the list, select the file storage your project files are located on.

In the right part of the screen, click Test near the fields: Native port, HTTP port, LAN port (if the field has a value).

Depending on your storage locations, "Successful" are:

  • Cloud or remote storage — Native port, HTTP port;

  • Local storage in your office network — LAN port.

All tests being green is also considered normal.

If the tests are unsuccessful, you need to contact your system administrator to open ports 45431, 4080 and 45430 in your network.

If all the ports are available, but the error persists, check the Cerebro client connection settings. To do this:

  • Main menu > Cerebro > Log off...;

  • In the Authorization window, click Advanced, and then select Connection settings;

  • In the Connection settings window find the File storage section. Both (automatic) should be selected by default.

If the ports are available, the settings are correct, but the error persists, you need to check the error in the Cargador interface window. To open this window, click on the area in the top-right part of the Cerebro window. Next:

  • In the list of the Cargador interface screen, find the erroneous download;

  • Expand the download tree by clicking the triangle on the left side of the row;

  • Find the error description in the progress column.

Most common errors and their solutions:

  • File not found on remote site — the file isn't in file storage. This usually happens when a user closes the Cerebro client before the file is fully uploaded. In this case, the corresponding message is created in the forum, but the file isn't uploaded to storage and is unavailable.


Check the connection settings of the user who sent the file. The user will then have to send the file to storage again. To do so, using the device from which the file was being uploaded from, right-click the file and select "Upload..." in the context menu. The uploaded file will be available for download. 

  • Host not found, the connection is offline — no connection to file storage.


If you're using cloud storage, make sure that you're connected to the Internet, and that all necessary ports are open.

If you're using local storage, check that the hosting server is on and running the Сargador service.

If all the solutions described above didn't help, contact our Support:

Please provide us the error description from the Cargador interface progress screen.

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