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In total, the system supports six types of messages:

  • Definition — each task starts with Definition message type automatically. You can also add the task definition by creating a new message of this type later;

  • Review — this type of task is selected for discussion by default. The review confirms the number of hours spent by the performer on the task if automatic confirmation is not configured for the universe;

  • Report — for this type of message, you have to specify the amount of time spent on the task using the drop-down list Hours at the bottom of the window. Thus, the number of working hours and the salary is counted. Also, you should write a text that explains what you have been working on and attach files with the results of your work to the message (these can be pictures or screenshots, electronic documents, videos, or any other files);

  • Note — the type of message that is used for communication on a task;

  • Client review — client review can only be created by a user with the Client role;

  • Resource report — in the resource report, you have to specify the amount of time spent on the task and select a resource from the list. Thus, statistics on the use of the resource are collected.

Each message type has its own color.

When creating a new message or editing an existing one, you can change the type of the message using the Type drop-down list above the text entry field.

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