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After a new universe has been created, the first user account with administrator rights is automatically generated in it. Having logged into the Cerebro system with this account, you can get to work:

  • create projects and tasks;

  • register accounts for other users in the universe;

  • configure access rights;

  • assign executors, etc.

When you first log into the system, you will be prompted to create a demo project using templates made available through the Getting Started Wizard.

Having used the Wizard, you can uncheck the Show at Startup box to prevent the Getting Started Wizard window from appearing in the future when you log into Cerebro. You can also manually access this window using the Tools/Wizards/Getting started wizard... option on the main program menu.

During the second step you need to select a template for the project that you are creating. You can choose one of the following template views:

  • a demo project with content;

  • a demo project containing only a framework.

If none of the suggested templates works, select the Other option. This option allows you to automatically create a request to have the necessary template added.

Select a Name for the project that you are creating and click Next.

During the next step you need to add users who will participate in the project. You can choose from the list of existing users or add new ones by entering their email addresses in the respective window.

Creating user accounts and setting their attributes is possible not only using the Getting Started Wizard, but also on the Cerebro administrative panel (see the "Users and Resources" section).

During the final fourth step, you will be asked to verify that the data that have been entered are accurate. To make changes, click the Back button and return to the step that requires adjustments. I fall the entries are correct, click Finish.

The procedure to set up projects and access rights using the getting started wizard is simplified. To find out more details about managing these settings, see the Projects and Access Rights sections.

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