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You can create new Cerebro projects (tasks of the uppermost level) and edit existing ones using the Projects tab.
The left side of the tab displays a list of projects in the universe. Using the filter button you can show/hide projects that were deleted from the list (marked as archived).

To delete the selected project from the list, you should select it and press the Delete button or select Archive/Restore project command from the context menu. Doing this on an archived project sends it back to your active universe project list.

On the right side of the window is a set of tabs that contain the attributes of the selected project.


On the tab you can view and edit primary project parameters:

  • project name;

  • starting time for the project;

  • default starting time for project tasks - inherited from the parent task or set at the moment of creating the task;

  • number of default scheduled hours for new tasks;

  • default hourly pay rates;

  • automatic work hours confirmation for employee reports.

File storages

On the tab you can specify which of the file servers in the Cerebro system will be used to store task attachments within the project (for more details on configuring repositories, see “File storages”).

You can use the “<<” and “>>”arrows to move needed storages from the global list (on the right) into the list of current project storages (on the left).


On the tab you can assign a set of tags - additional task attributes - to a selected project (see “Task tags”).

Activity-based event subscription

Activity-based event subscription tab is used to subscribe a user to all tasks related to specific activity (see “Activities”). For example you can use it to subscribe an employee responsible for texturing to all tasks related to the “texturing” activity.
To subscribe user to an activity you should tick an appropriate activity column in a corresponding user row.

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