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How Do I Free Space in the Cloud or Local Storage?
How Do I Free Space in the Cloud or Local Storage?
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There are two ways to free space in the cloud file storage:

  1. Archiving a project.

If you have projects you no longer need, you can archive them. When sending a project to archive, you will be offered to delete project files. You can do so using the Administrator window in the Projects tab. Select a project from the list and click the Archive project button above the list. You will see a confirmation window with an option to delete the files from file storage.

  2. Deleting separate files.

Right-click the file, menu option Delete file(s)....

If you need to delete several files that match certain criteria (for example, size or branch), you can use the Search tab

When using local storage located on your server, you'll need to perform the same actions, but your file storage has to support file deletion. For this, the config files have the following parameters:

  1. In — CARGADOR_DEL_PASSWORD parameter;

   2. In cargador.<linux|mac|win>.conf — config/catalog/del_password parameter.

For the Сargador service to be able to delete these files, these parameters should have the same values.

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