This option includes all items of the Studio installation option, as well as the following additional items:

  • PostgreSQL installation path – PostgreSQL 9.3 database will be installed to this directory.

  • PostgreSQL data directory path – database files and configuration files will be located in this directory.

  • PostgreSQL port is a network port that will be used to connect to the PostgreSQL database.

  • PostgreSQL administrator username is a PostgreSQL user name that will be created and will become the database administrator.

  • PostgreSQL administrator password is the PostgreSQL administrator password.

  • Name of your universe – please specify the name of your universe in Cerebro (for example, “MyCompany”). It is recommended that the given name coincide with the name of the universe specified upon registration at

  • Description of your universe – please provide a description of your universe in Cerebro (for example, “My Company’s Universe”).

  • Local IP address or DNS name – this is the local DNS name or IP address of the server, on which the software is installed.

  • External IP address or DNS name – please specify your external static IP address or DNS name.

  • Storage name – this name will be used to register the Cerebro file storage in the database.

  • Configure the Mailer – Cerebro Mailer is used to send notifications by email. Type “y” if you want to configure the Mailer.

  • <Mail from> in notifications from Cerebro – users will see this string in the names of incoming notifications. Use the following format: “Cerebro <>”

  • SMTP to send Cerebro notifications is an SMTP server address that is used to send notifications.

  • SMTP port is the port that is used by the SMTP server. The default values are as follows: 25 (regular) and 465 (SSL). Port 587 should be used for Exchange.

  • Username, if SMTP authorization is needed is the username for the SMTP server. Leave this field blank if authorization is not needed.

  • SMTP user password – please specify an SMTP user password.

  • TLS stands for the TLS security protocol that is used for Google SMTP.

  • Mailer log file is the path to the Mailer log file.

  • Administrator email – diagnostic and error messages will be sent to this address.

  • Replier – Replier is used to send messages to Cerebro via email. Replier allows users to respond to email notifications; responses are posted to Cerebro. Type “y” to configure Replier.

  • Email for Replier – this email address will be used to reply to messages. Please use a format like “Cerebro reply <>”.

  • POP server for Replier – this POP server address will be used to receive messages in Cerebro.

  • Use SSL for Replier – type “T” if you want to use SSL.

  • Username for POP authorization is the username for the POP server.

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