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This installation option includes the following items:

  • Choose setup language here you should select the language for the installer. The installer supports Russian and English languages;

  • Choose installation option Factory and Studio installation options are supported;

  • The root directory for installing Cerebro the Cargador service will be installed in this directory. This directory will also contain log files;

  • Shared client directory enter “y” to specify the network directory of the Cerebro client for all operating systems;

  • Samba is missing. Do you want to try installing Samba (only for Linux OS) Samba is used to share resources (Cerebro client and storage files). Type “y” to install Samba;

  • Path to the directory that will be shared by Cerebro clients. In most cases, the file storage and network client directories are located side by side for user convenience. You need to select a shared directory to install the Cerebro network client for all operating systems. All users will have read-only access to this directory;

  • Location of Cargador file storage. The possible options are as follows: (L) Local - HDD, RAID; (N) Network - NAS.

    • Locally the storage will be located on the server where the software is installed;

    • Network the storage will be located on a remote server (network storage or a separate file server);

  • Cargador Network path — it is recommended that you always specify network paths according to Windows UNC notation (i.e. \servershare…);

Local Path (by default this is a directory that is accessible to clients + “\files”) and Cargador Network Path must point to the same directory (for example, Local Path: “C:\cerebro\cerebro. files\files”, Nework Path: “\server\cerebro.files\files “).
In most cases, you can use the following setting for a local installation: “<auto>”.
Using this approach: Windows clients gain access directly through the UNC path. Linux users should place the network resource in the following directory: \server\share.. (this means the path will be the same as UNC). MAC users will use a special built-in mechanism to gain access through \Volumes\share.. (an SMB connection is required).

​You must ensure a reliable mechanism for recognizing the <server> network name.

Cargador service user. (For Windows only) the Cargador service will be launched on behalf of this user.

If you selected the Local installation option, you can select the Local System user (by default). This user has all the necessary access privileges.
If you selected the Network installation option, you need to specify a user who has write permissions for the Cargador Network Directory.
For Linux and Mac OS X, a Cargador user will be created automatically. If you selected the Network installation option, you need to ensure that the Cargador user has write permissions for the Cargador Network Directory.

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