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Cargador Launch Directory
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Next you will need to create a directory for Cargador executable and configuration files on your server (this must be a separate directory, different from the Cargador catalogue). For example, in Linux-based systems the folder can be /cerebro/cargador.

Unpack the following objects from the service-tools package:

  • executable file cargador.<linuxNN|macNN|win32.exe> according to your OS and its type (x86 or x64);

  • configuration file sample for your OS cargador.<linux|mac|win>.conf.example;

  • configuration file samples main.conf.example and;

  • folders cron, py_cerebro, py_cerebro2, py-site-packages;

  • default image file absent.png.


If the server uses Windows OS it is necessary to add CRT libraries (msvcm90.dll, msvcp90.dll, msvcr90.dll) to Cargador launch Directory, as well as Microsoft.VC90.CRT.manifest - they all can be found in the package.

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