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Cargador Catalogue
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The chapter contains information which you might need only if you are installing Cerebro along with local Cargador server, i.e., in hybrid cloud or local configuration (see “Deployment Options” chapter).

Cargador catalogue is a directory that contains all files that go through Cerebro in one way or another. Files are stored in this catalogue after they have been attached to a forum message and downloaded/uploaded by users afterwards.

You must take into account total size of files that will be stored in Cerebro and select a file storage with sufficient capacity for the catalogue.


In Unix-based systems you need to create a user account named cargador and make this user the owner of the catalogue folder.

The users in your LAN will access Cerebro files directly, using smb(cifs), nfs or similar protocols. So, you have to share the catalogue with them. In order to prevent accidental deletion or modification of the files in the catalogue it is strongly recommended to make the catalogue read-only.

You can add and move files inside the catalogue manually - Cargador will eventually track it (though it may take some time). Also, if you remove a file from the catalogue, this won’t cause service malfunction. Although, if a copy of the deleted file isn’t available elsewhere in other connected file storages, the Cerebro users won’t be able to access/download it.


Cargador stores several service files in the catalogue. They are located in the .system subfolder. In most cases, if a subfilder name starts with a point - “.”, Cargador skips the subfolder while indexing users’ files.

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