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The “All Files Completely Inaccessible” Scenario
The “All Files Completely Inaccessible” Scenario
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In general, any issue with a particular file can be pinned down easily after inspecting the Monitor tab in the Cargador Interface window.

In the Downloads list you can use the “+” button to expand failed downloads list in order to find out on which storages the file was searched for, and which errors occured there. Possible causes are listed below.

Situation 1

The file storage containing searched file is not registered within your Cerebro system.

Cargador downloads files only from the storages registered in the Adminstrator panel (see “Registering a File Storage”).

Situation 2

Files added from outside your corporate LAN cannot be downloaded.

Most likely that this file hasn’t been properly uploaded to a corporate file storage.

The typical scenario ot this issue:

  • A Cerebro user outside of your corporate LAN (“external user”) adds a file to a message, but for some reason this file didn’t upload properly to the company’s file storage (e.g., connection was lost before the upload was finished or the upload is still in progress);

  • The Cerebro users in the office (“internal users”) are able to see the message but unable to download/open the file.

First, make sure that the current project has at least one file storage allocated. Go to the Projects tab of the Administrator panel.

Pick the project from the list and check its allocated file storages on the Project file storages tab. You can edit this list using “<<” and “>>” buttons, moving the storage names to/from the list on the right (the list of all available storages).

If the file storage settings are correct, the external user should retry to upload the file. The user must right-click on the attached file and select “Send file”:

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