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Possible Directory Mapping Issues
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Situation 1

Wrong configuration file is loaded.

Directory mapping settings are configured in the <cerebro executable path>/etc/viewers.conf file, so it’s basically located next to the Cerebro executable file (In Mac OS you will have to open the application package first).

Make sure that Cerebro uses the right configuration file - the one you’re editing, by making controlled changes in the file and checking whether it affects Cerebro accordingly.

For example, you may change the viewer name in the context menu:

            <name Value="Mirada must change name in file viewers context menu"/>

Keep in mind that each OS (win, linux, linux64, mac) uses is own set of parameters.

Situation 2

Misspelled network paths.

Please check the paths for typos and wrong letter case. This is the most probable cause of directory mapping errors. In particular, the word “Cargador” is often misspelled.

    <win Value="//server/projects"/>
    <mac Value="/volumes/projects"/>
    <linux Value="/server/projects"/>

Situation 3

Directory mapping inactive.

In order to make the directory mapping work, it must be activated first:

<enable Value="1"/>

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