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Checking TCP connection with telnet utility
Checking TCP connection with telnet utility
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Connected to <хост>.Escape character is '^]'.The telnet utility (in Windows, Linux, Mac OS) is used to check if remote service (e.g., Cargador or PostgreSQL) is accessible over network.


Windows Vista/7 does not include telnet by default. In order to install telnet, go to Control Panel / Programs / Get Programs, and put the check mark across the telnet client option in the Turn Windows Features On and Off section. The installation takes less than 3 minutes.

Connection check is basically an attempt to connect to a specified TCP port (pair “host:port”). The command line looks like this:

telnet <хост> <порт>

, where <port> may have a following value:

  • 45430 – to connect to Cargador within LAN;

  • 45431 – to connect to Cargador from Internet;

  • 4080 – to connect to Cargador by HTTP protocol;

  • 5432 – to connect to PostgreSQL service.

If connection attempt is successful, then you’ll see the following:

  • Telnet in Windows clears the console screen;

  • Telnet in MacOS and Linux displays the following text:

Connected to <хост>.
Escape character is '^]'.

Press Ctrl+] (right bracket) and type quit to exit telnet.

If the connection attempt failed, the case needs further research. Possible causes:

  • Host unavailable. Use ping command to check it.

  • Network port is blocked by firewall.

  • Service (e.g., Cargador) is not running on the server.

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