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The “All Files Completely Inaccessible” Scenario
The “All Files Completely Inaccessible” Scenario
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Situation 1

Cerebro client application cannot connect to a corporate Cargador.

Diagnostics: a red cylinder sign is blinking in the upper-right corner of Cerebro main interface:

Possible causes:

Situation 2

Cerebro client application cannot access files by network paths provided by Cargador.

Diagnostics: Cerebro displays red crosses instead of file thumbnails.

Yet the files can be downloaded by a double click (if not already downloaded).


The downloaded files have names written in white, unlike the files that haven’t been downloaded yet (the latter have their names highlighted in red).

But when you right-click and try to open the downloaded file with Mirada, a File not found error is displayed.

The common cause of these issues is that Cerebro client application cannot open files by the paths provided by Cargador. Please read the information about the path and file name in the error message displayed by Mirada. Check if the path is valid.

Possible causes:

  • The net_root parameter isn’t properly configured (see “Basic parameters of a file storage”). Even one wrong letter/letter case can invalidate the path (for instance, “Cargador” is often misspelled);

  • The directory mapping is misconfigured, thus the paths are returned misspelled. Please refer to “Possible directory mapping issues” chapter for more information.

If the path seems to be spelled correctly, check it by following the path in a default file browser or by opening it with an external editor. Test if a particular OS user would be able to access this path.

Possible causes:

  • User cannot access a network resource due to authentication problems;

  • User is not permitted to open this file/folder;

  • Mount point glitched/unmounted (in Linux and MacOS).

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