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Sending (Upload) the File
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If the user is working outside the office (e.g., from home), they should send the results of their work on a particular “stationary” Cargador, where other users can download it. For example, it could be your local network in the office.

When a user works with an integrated (internal, not corporate) Cargador, all files that are added by it, stand in a queue to be sent to any stationarily available Cargador.


File storage locatrion for your universe is set in the administrative settings ( menu Tools/Administrator … - File storages tab). These settings are individually stored for every project. Thus, you might specify exactly where to store the reports from freelancers/external partners.

After built-in Cargador will send the file to the storage, it will be accessible to any user. And since this process will probably happen within your network, you won’t be required to download anything.

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