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In Cerebro, a file storage is a server where Cargador software is installed. Often, it is located in company’s local area network with internet access. You can use the File storages tab in the Administrator Panel to set up your storages and link them to your projects.

Each storage in Cerebro has two main attributes:

  • Name (for information/decorative purposes);

  • Server address (with a specified network port). Both DNS name and IP address of the host can be used as an address.

Also, you can specify additional attributes, such as HTTP port (used for working with storage via Cerebro web client) and address/port of the server within your LAN.

You can check whether your storage is available and set up properly by using “test” buttons near to corresponding addresses/ports. If storage is available, a summary info will be displayed: amount of files and used disk space.

You can create a new file storage using the New file storage button above the list — you will need to fill in all of its basic attributes. There are also two buttons for renaming and removing active file storages.

On the right side of the window, in addition to the properties tab of the repository, the Projects on file storage tab is located, which allows establishing communication between repositories and projects. On the right side of the window, there’s also the Projects on file storage tab. It allows you to link projects and storages. Linking file storage to a project in this tab is equivalent to assigning file storage to a project in the Projects tab, so you can use it either way.

When user attempts to download a file in Cerebro each assigned storage will participate in searching and downloading that file to remote PC. And every file storage that is linked to a project will automatically upload all files that are posted by users in all tasks in respective project.

A storage is required to properly work with any project. Otherwise, all files uploaded by users will not be forwarded to any of the stationary servers. In this case, you will be able to see text messages, but you won’t be able to view/download any attached files.

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