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The Mirada menu in the main toolbar allows you to set program settings.


Using the Mirada/Shortcuts main menu item, you can configure keyboard shortcuts to quickly call various commands in the Mirada program.

This item opens a window with a list of commands and corresponding keyboard shortcuts. You can change the current settings, add new ones, or delete existing ones.

After making the necessary changes, click Save.

Download Settings

This menu item is intended for configuring integration with software products.


This menu item allows you to set parameters for translating comments:

  • Source Language the language you want to translate. When you select Auto the translation parameters will be applied to comments in any source language;

  • Translator Language the language in which you want to translate;

  • Always show dialog a checkbox that allows you to disable the display of this window when you start translating.

To translate a comment, click the Translate button at the bottom of the comment block.

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