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The ability to export comments from an active media file is available in Mirada. The list of acceptable export formats varies depending on the export method:

  • export and save without publishing in Cerebro. This is done using Export tab in the main menu of Mirada. The following export formats are available:

    • PDF — a file containing a page-by-page list of all published comments to the current media file, with images of drawings, frame number, comment text and other information;

    • SRT — a file containing a list of all published comments;

    • OpenTimelinelO — a file containing published comments in a format available for import into the Final Cut Pro video editor;

  • export after publication. After publication, PDF and/or MP4 files with comments are added to the message in Cerebro and can be viewed outside the Mirada program. Export is performed using the Open... button located in the Forum message of the corresponding publication and copying the desired document. The format of the commentary media file is determined by the type of comments added:

    • PDF — multi-frame text comments;

    • mp4 — video comments.

The ability to export and copy a screenshot of the active frame is also available:

  • Export screenshot of active frame — allows to export an image of the current frame;

  • Copy screenshot of active frame — allows you to copy the image of the current frame to the clipboard.

Export settings

The Export menu item allows you to set Export settings, namely:

General settings

  • Export comments — the ability to export comments along with the file;

  • Show comment number — displays the comment number.

Video files settings

  • Resolution — resolution standard of the video file;

  • Quality — bitrate of the video stream. The higher the video quality, the larger the file size;

  • Framerate — the number of frames per second (FPS) of the resulting file. Higher FPS values allow you to get a smoother picture, but require more rendering time;

  • Volume amplification — how much to increase the volume level of the recorded audio track.

PDF Settings

  • PDF theme — the ability to set a color scheme for the generated document in PDF format;

  • PDF font — the ability to select a font for the document.

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