Tracking tasks tab is designed for more intuitive “matrix”-style display of the current situation on the project, divided into standard technological steps.

To make this tab work correctly it is necessary that the project has a tree- like structure with a depth of at least three levels, for example: Sequence -> Shot -> Task. In this case, if the Sequence task level is selected in the navigator, then the rows of the table will show the Shot level tasks, and the columns will represent Tasks level.

The names of the Task levels tasks are not used as the column headers. It is a set of activities in which these tasks are distributed.

There are elements on the table's toolbar that allow you to customize the table's visual representation:

  • Shrink all/Expand all - collapse/expand information in the columns by type of activity;

  • Edit columns - define a list of table columns.

The list of displayed tasks is defined in the Settings, which are displayed when you click the corresponding button in the upper left corner of the window. The list of available functions corresponds to the Task Board Settings.

There is also a Table settings option:

  • Tracking level - show the hierarchy of the analyzed tasks. Drop-down list Tracking level allows to toggle automatic nesting level recognition for analysed tasks, or manual input.

  • Tracking activities - set the types of activity displayed in the table.

Instrument panel
The instrument panel is located above the work space and contains the following elements:

  • Search bar - allows you to filter tasks according to the request entered by the user.

  • Filter tasks button - allows you to set criteria for the formation of the required set of tasks

  • Export to Excel button - spreadsheet download.

  • View statistics button - allows you to create charts that display statistics on the readiness of tasks related to certain types of activities within the project branch under consideration, as well as the number of tagged tasks. For these statistics to be compiled properly, the tags must be assigned at the Shot level, and the activities at the Task level. The resulting statistics will be displayed as a set of tables and can be turned on / off using the Statistics button on the toolbar.

As in the navigator inline editing of table cells (single left click) is possible in the Tracking tasks window. Double left click will select the cell (tasks) in the Navigator.

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