The Statistics window is a user interface for data visualization through spreadsheets and charts. The Show statistics button on the toolbar of the Tracking Tasks tab may be used to turn the Statistics widgets on and off.


To ensure proper collection of statistics, the project structure must be hierarchical, including at least three nesting levels, for example: Sequence -> Shot -> Task; tags must be assigned at the Shot level and activities must be assigned at the Task level (see the Tracking tasks section).

Statistics are generated for projects/project branches that have been selected in the tree under Settings (see Tracking tasks).

Generated charts and tables are displayed as a list. To hide or display the widgets that have been created, use the Hide All/Show All button on the toolbar located above the data presentation area.

The following set of control options is available for each widget:

  • Settings button opens the Settings window of the Statistics widget;

  • Delete button deletes the respective widget from the chart panel;

The following items are available for charts only and are displayed if the widget area is expanded:

  • Reset button restores the original chart view;

  • Print button initiates printing;

  • Download button saves the information to your computer in the following formats:

    • As PDF;

    • As PNG.

  • a slider that changes the scale of the chart based on the horizontal axis.

A widget may be added using the Add Statistics and Setup custom statistics buttons located on the toolbar.

Add Statistics

When you click the button, a drop-down list is displayed; it contains the following list of widgets with predefined parameter settings:

  • status all tasks grouped by status;

  • activity all tasks grouped by the type of activity that has been selected in Settings;

  • priority all tasks grouped by priority level;

  • progress all tasks grouped by progress;

  • start all tasks, the start date of which is scheduled for the same period of time (see Task properties). There is an option to set time intervals for grouping data (by hours, days, weeks, months, years);

  • finish all tasks, the end date of which is scheduled for the same period of time. There is an option to set time intervals for grouping data (by hours, days, weeks, months, years);

  • state all tasks grouped by their execution status (see Task Statuses)

  • state detailed;

  • state by activity a stacked bar chart showing the distribution of tasks grouped by status for selected activities.

Create new statistics

When you click this button, a Statistics widget settings window described below pops up, allowing you to set the parameters manually.

Configuring the statistics widget

The widget configuration window contains the following set of parameters:

  • name — the name of the new statistics widget;

  • primary qualitative property a parameter, values of which serve as input for statistics generation;

  • type of data rollup:

    • group by property provides the option to set a secondary quality grouping property and input parameters for calculation;

    • compare properties provides the option to compare values ​​of various parameters on the same widget.

  • widget types:

    • table;

    • column;

    • column combined;

    • linear;

    • bar;

    • bar combined;

    • multiring;

    • radial;

    • pie.

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