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When starting the Cerebro client module, you can use the command line to add the following parameters to it:

  • URL (by default) the default command line parameter is the URL of the task in Cerebro to which the system should get redirected immediately after launch (for more details, see the “Cerebro internal task URL system” section);

  • --admin when specifying this key, the administrative panel window should appear immediately after starting Cerebro (for more details, see the “Cerebro Administrator Panel” section);

  • --keep the key to start several instances of the client module at a time; only one Cerebro instance is launched by default;

  • --suicide a key designed to close all running instances of the software; a new instance does not start;

  • --killbrother this key allows you to start a new instance of the Cerebro client module while closing all other running instances;

  • --userconf <path> using this key, you can specify a directory for storing Cerebro configuration files that is different from the default directory. It is convenient to use when testing and debugging the software, as well as in other cases if you want to test different user interface modes without changing your daily settings.

When starting the Mirada utility, you can also transmit some useful keys through the command line:

  • File/Playlist (default) as the default parameter, the command line is used to transmit the name of the media file or playlist, which will be loaded into Mirada immediately after launch;

  • --mode <mode> this key allows you to specify one of the launch modes:
    + new (default) to start a new instance of Mirada and open the file/playlist in it;
    + add to add the opened file/playlist to the end of the playlist launched by Mirada;
    + compare to add the given file to the playlist launched by Mirada as a version for comparison;
    + thumb (stealth mode) to generate thumbnails for the given file.

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