As was already mentioned, Cerebro has its own internal URL system, that is used to identify tasks and messages in the forum. In general, the URL looks like:

    cerebro:/Scene_01/Subtask one/1. Keying?tid=2139502&eid=2139503

There are following elements in the URL bar:

  • scheme - the designated scheme, “cerebro:” prefix;

  • path - name of the parent tasks, starting with the name of the project (root), separated by the symbol “/”;

  • task name which is identified by the URL;

  • a message identification code can be added as a part of path to certain message in the forum.

A path to currently selected task is always displayed at the top of main Cerebro window in the toolbar. You can paste copied URL there to jump to needed task/message.

To get URL of required message, select Copy URL in the context menu in the forum - path to the message will be copied to the clipboard.

Copy URL as HTML is used for the same purpose, but it behaves slightly differntly:

This URL contains coded internal Cerebro address. It should be pasted to the browser. If your PC has Cerebro installed, you can open those URLs after you receive them through messenger or e-mail. Cerebro application will be launched automatically, and will be opened on needed message.

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