At the top of the main Cerebro window is the main tool bar. It is always present in the box and is in a fixed position.

It contains following elements (from left to right):

  • Indicate critical issues - it flags those tasks which have issues with their critical parameters (time management or budget);
  • event indication button (“lightbulb”) - indicates new events (unread messages) in your account and allows to quickly jump to them;
  • кнопка Task Manager –  инструмент для управления структурой проектов, исполнения различных операций над задачами, сообщениями и вложениями.
  • Refresh button – used to refresh Cerebro windows’ contents;
  • Back, Forward and Top buttons and the URL input field are used to navigate Cerebro URLs (see the section “Cerebro internal task URL system”);
  • Cargador indicator – shows current status of Cargador service (connection to the server, progress of current downloads, issues with access) and opens Cargador log window when pressed.

Toolbars can be hidden/shown using the main menu and moved to the either side of the window.

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