How to create a new task status
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To create a new status click on New status button above the status list. New status wizard will be opened in a new window.

  • Tab Properties — the form is obligatory to be filled in. Here you specify name of the new status, assign a color and an icon, write a brief description and specify related activities if necessary. It is necessary to set what the new status will mean: the task is pending, in progress or completed.

    On the same tab, you can configure inheritance of status by subtasks. If inheritance is not enabled, status will be available for the final level tasks only, without subtasks. If the checkbox Inherited is enabled, the status is available for all levels. It is important to remember that the status of all subtasks will change.

  • Tab Order — you can configure the order in which the stages of the task are switched.

  • Tab Switch Permissions — make sure to tick the list of original and new status, otherwise the new status will not be available to users.

  • Tab Notifications — tab is filled in if you need to get messages about changing this specific status.

    When the status has already been created, its settings can be easily changed.

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