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Sending files
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Messengers have limits on the size of files that can be sent and received by a chat bot.

In Telegram, the limit is 50 MB for sending files to chat and 20 MB for receiving.

In Discord, it's 8 MB for both sending and receiving files.

When you send files from Cerebro to chats, we always send a link where you can download the original file. If your task files do not exceed the limits, we will attach them.

Sending Large Files

To send large files from a chat to Cerebro, use the /upload or /reportupload commands if you want to send large files as a report.

After you run these commands, there will open a private Telegram chat with a button for uploading files to Cerebro.

Clicking on the button will start an application inside Telegram, where you can upload the necessary files by drag-and-dropping them or by selecting from the file explorer. After that, they will be added into the task.

In Discord, after running these commands, there will appear a file upload button as well. By clicking on it, you will open a web browser with a page for downloading files.

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