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Tentaculo Interface In Cerebro
Tentaculo Interface In Cerebro
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After installing the Tentaculo plugin, a section with the same name will appear in the main menu of the Cerebro application, allowing you to set the parameters of the module.


This menu item allows you to set the places where work files are saved when added as a New version or downloaded to a personal computer individually for each available universe and contains the following parameters:

  • universe — select the universe to set parameters for;

  • connection type — select the file access Protocol. For some categories, you must specify a key / password for the Protocol;

  • working directory — the place where files are saved when downloading

Install on working softwares...

The Cerebro application automatically detects work programs installed on the personal computer that are available for integration. To connect, click the Install button in the lower-right corner of the window.

Uninstall from working softwares

This menu item appears if you previously installed it in integrated programs, and allows you to delete the created integration.

Disable Tentaculo in Cerebro App

This option allows you to disable the functionality of the Tentaculo plugin, in case of conflicts in the work of applications.

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