Built-in Plugin

Tentaculo plugin is built-in into Cerebro but is disabled by default. To enable it for your universe:

  1. open the Administrator window (Main Menu - Tools - Administrator...);

  2. go to the Universe tab;

  3. go to the Tentaculo section;

  4. check the box Use the built-in Tentaculo for your universe.

Once the box has been checked the Tentaculo plugin will be automatically installed for all users of your universe.

External Plugin

You may also use the external Tentaculo plugin for your universe if you are planning to customize the look or functionality of the plugin. The modified plugin may be shared with your colleagues using the Cerebro plugin distribution system. For more details, see the "Universes, Plugins" section.

Plugin is written in Python and contains open source code.

Setting up the Configuration

To set up the configuration, please read the next section of the documentation.

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