The necessary course of action varies depending on your plan:

  1. Team and Studio (if you're using cloud storage) - nothing needs changing.

   2. Studio (if you're using local storage)

  • Main menu - Tools - Administrator...

  • "File storages" tab

  • If necessary, update the contents of the "DNS name or IP address" field with the new values

  • Check the port settings on your router or proxy. Calls to ports 45431 and 4080 should be redirected from externally to your server with Cerebro file storage

   3. Factory

  • Same actions as in 2.

  • Please contact our Support with your Universe name and the new IP address or DNS name: We will enter your new IP address or DNS name in our global database. After this, users will be able to connect using Cerebro's default connection settings.

  • If you're using the old authorization method (in the user connection settings, "Use database address" is checked), give your users the new address to use in Connection settings.

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