Launching the Update Procedure
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As mentioned above to deploy a new database it is required to run cerebro.db.update/internal/ Python script on the Database server. In order to run it properly you should do the following steps:

  • unpack the service-tools package to the temporary directory on your hard drive;

  • go to cerebro.db.update folder and execute the following command:update.

<cmd|sh> <memoria-x.y>

, i.e. pass it the name of the folder containing the image of the Memoria database from the archive as a parameter.


In order for script to work properly, PostgreSQL must be started on the server (see. section “Starting the PostgreSQL service”). It is also important that during the updating process, client modules do not send requests to the database. This can be achieved by limiting the range of network addresses that are allowed to connect to PostgreSQL (see section “Disabling the external access to PostgreSQL”).

After successful Memoria initialization, the script will display the log, ending with the word “Done!”. Otherwise, you will need to analyze the displayed error text, and try to fix these errors (usually it is lack of access rights to different objects). After you resolve all those errors, you can try updating again.


When updates to Memoria database are finished do not forget to return the access rights to the PostgreSQL to the initial state (if you were limiting the range of addresses, in accordance with section “Disabling the external access to PostgreSQL”).

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