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Memoria database update is executed with cerebro.db.update/internal/ script from service-tools package.


In order for the script to work you should have Python version 2.x or higher installed in your system ( In Linux systems, Python is already installed in most cases. You need to be sure that the Python directory is added to the system path. Launch the following command to check it:

python --version

Before starting Memoria update process it is required to have a correctly configured file on the server (sample of this file can be found in cerebro.db.update/

Usually, configuration file is tuned during Cerebro deployment phase and is placed in a specific directory:

  • For Unix-systems it’s /etc/cerebro.db.update/;

  • For Windows systems it’s %APPDATA%/cerebro.db.update/, where APPDATA is a system variable and represents a path like this: C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming.

In case of missing file, refer to the Memoria database manual in order to create it.

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