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Initializing the Database
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As mentioned above, a Python script cerebro.db.update/internal/ must be executed to deploy a new database. You must do the following to launch the script correctly:

  • unzip service-tools to a temporary location on a disk;

  • copy the command file: init.<cmd|sh> (according to the OS on the server) from the cerebro.db.update/internal subfolder to its parent folder cerebro.db.update;

  • execute the following command in the console:

init.<cmd|sh> <memoria-x.y>

, i.e., pass it the name of the folder with pre-archived Memoria image as a parameter.


The init.<cmd|sh> command is used only for initial new Memoria database creation. Use the update.<cmd|sh> command to update an existing database.

If initialized successfully, Memoria displays a log in the console that ends with “Done!”. Otherwise, you should read error messages in the console and try to resolve the issues (in most cases they are caused by unsufficient access rights to some objects). You may try to re-initialize the database iteratively, until all issues are resolved.

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