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We strongly recommend you NOT to install/deploy Cargador as a service/daemon until you make sure that the system is set up properly. The best option for debugging is to run Cargador iteratively from the console (in Windows use the cmd.exe application for that).

For Linux or MacOS it is recommended to run the terminal under the user account which is intended to be used for Cargador later on (use the su command). This recommendation is not critical for Windows-based servers.

For the first launch go to the Cagador executable folder in the console and run the file. The program must display a text like this: : Running at c:/cerebro.files, net map: <//server/cargador>
.cargador.Warning : {code:(Object not found), 'Не удается найти указанный файл. c:/cerebro.files/.system/download.queue'} - load queue file failed
.cargador.Warning : {code:(Object not found), 'Не удается найти указанный файл. c:/cerebro.files/.system/upload.queue'} - load queue file failed

Pay attention to the first line. It should display the paths specified in the main.conf configuration file. Two other warnings can be ignored on the first launch. They inform you that service files can’t be opened, because the catalogue is empty for now.

If you need to restart Cargador, press Сtrl+C to stop the process.


Make sure that your firewall allows incoming connections to ports 45430, 45431, 4080, especially if you’re installing Cargador under Windows. Use the telnet command to check the connections (see chapter “Checking TCP connection with telnet utility”).

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