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Cargador Additional Parameters
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Besides file storage management, server-based Cargador can handle some additional functions. The possible options for interaction between Cergador and other modules are:

  • file exchange and storage management (default ports: 45430, 45431) is used by client applications to upload/download files via LAN and/or Internet;

  • HTTP protocol (default port: 4080) is used to download files from a storage using HTTP protocol (following a link from an email message or in the Cerebro web interface);

  • XML-RPC protocol (default port: 4040) is used to call Cargador procedures remotely, for example, by Cerebro API Python scripts (for more information, please refer to Cerebro Python API manuals).

The cargador.<linux|mac|win>.conf file is used to configure Cargador access via HTTP and XML-RPC. It is necessary to specify ports to address XML-RPC and HTTP queries in the file:



After saving changes in configuration file, restart Cargador service for changes to take effect.

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