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As shown in the table above, Cargador has four server ports. You may configure those ports for SSL independently.

For each port, you may define the following parameters:

    <certFile type="string">
    <certPrivateKey type="string">
    <privateKeyPsswd type="string">
    <mode type="string"> modes of operation.
        enable = [off, preferred (*), always] - switch off, preferred, always
    <verifyCA type="bool">
    <verboseInfo type="bool">

Syntax and meaning are the same as for generic configuration, excluding some irrelevant parameters.

In total, four ports are available:

  • <config>/<tcpServer>/<localGate>/<ssl>;

  • <config>/<tcpServer>/< foreignGate>/<ssl>;

  • <config>/<tcpServer>/<httpGate>/<ssl>;

  • <config>/<tcpServer>/<rpcGate>/<ssl>.

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